Citizenship/PR Card

Changes to the Citizenship Act 2015

Canadian Citizenship


To be eligible for Canadian Citizenship the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and be a Canadian permanent resident. The applicant must also have lived in Canada for at least 4 of 6 years before the application for citizenship can be made, have a good knowledge of English or French and an understanding of Canada’s history, values, institutions and symbols. The applicant must not have a history of any criminal activity.

In June 2017 Bill C-6 passed which brings significant changes by the Federal Government to the Citizenship Act.   Let Cando Immigration Services review your eligibility for Canadian Citizenship and ensure you meet with all requirements of the program.


Permanent Residency in Canada

Once you have received your permanent residency, all Canadian Permanent residents regardless of age require a Permanent Resident Card to travel outside of Canada and then re-enter Canada. This card is also required when enrolling at an accredited public post-secondary institution in Canada.

To be eligible for a PR Card the applicant must be a permanent resident of Canada, must live in Canada, and must not be under a removal order. This Card is only valid for a specific period of time and requires renewal before expiration.

Cando Immigration Services provides assistance with renewal of your Permanent Resident Card as well as for applications for Canadian Citizenship.

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