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Buy/Invest in a Canadian Business

Interested in buying or investing in a qualified Canadian business? The Business Immigration and Investor Program allows a qualified applicant to enter Canada as a Permanent Resident by purchasing or investing in a qualified Canadian business. Cando Immigration Services offers a list of qualified Canadian businesses for sale.


For more information on the businesses listed below or to list your business please click the button and enter your contact information, a member of our staff will correspond with you personally to provide detailed information of the qualified businesses for sale or information required to list your business. Cando Immigration will discuss the best solutions to fit your needs.

Attention Canadian Business Owners!

Sell your Business or Enter into Equity Share Participation Opportunities with Foreign Investors through Business Immigration Programs.

Cando Immigration Services provides the Canadian business owner with proven Business Solutions and an International marketplace in which to list their business for outright sale, partial sale or investment, providing benefit to both the immigrant investor and the Canadian business. These business programs are designed and administered by the Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada to promote significant economic contributions to our country.

To list your Canadian business, please Contact Us and we will be able to further assist you in assessing your business needs and listing to an international market.

For Regional and National Marketing we work with Professional Licensed Business Brokers and Realtors.