Keeping the doors open for immigrants is not only helping Canada get through this challenging period but also will be essential for the country’s recover when the economic crisis is over.

Government of Canada has been showing its support to foreign nationals either granting the Canada Emergency Response Benefit to those who are already here, opening the borders for international workers and students coming to the country if they meet certain criteria, or providing financial aid to employers to support them paying the workers during the 15-day quarantine.

Canada is indeed enforcing measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, however, at the same time, is seeking to accommodate Canadians and foreign nationals needs and ensuring that Canadian businesses are supported and prepared to face and overcome the global economic recession.

After the coronavirus crisis, changes to immigration programs aiming to soften immigration requirements are expected. There is no question that accepting more immigrants into the country will help it to get stronger for the upcoming times.

Whether you plan to study, work, invest or immigrate to Canada, start preparing yourself now.

Start or increase your savings, work on language improvement, read about the country, the culture, the weather, the economy, learn about the immigration general requirements, and so forth. As Canada has more than 80 immigration programs, professional assistance will help you organize and define your goals and improve your chances of successfully achieving them.

Be prepared and make your immigration pathway as smooth as possible. You can count on us!

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