Getting Canadian Permanent Residency through Business Immigration

Many experienced professionals and business owners might think that immigrating to another country means starting their career from scratch, finding a new job and / or starting a graduate or post-graduate program that would allow them to work and build a new life abroad.

Nevertheless, in many countries, investors are welcomed to start a new business or buy an existing one and become a permanent resident provided that they meet the eligibility requirements.

Usually applicants are requested to invest a minimum amount, prove certain net worth and have managerial or ownership experience for a few years to be eligible. However, each country and region define the requirements based on their economic needs and priorities.

Thus, whether you have experience as a business manager or owner, you don’t need to restart your career, work in a lower position, or enroll in a new educational program only to be able to come to Canada and become a permanent resident in the future.

Canada has several programs for entrepreneurs interested in either opening a temporary business here or settling and immigrating to the country permanently through business immigration. Canada offers a variety of business opportunities in different sectors for foreign nationals intending to invest in the country. This is one of the country’s strategies to grow and strengthen its economy.

Net worth and investment needed to open or invest in a business in Canada:

Net worth and investment amounts vary according to the program and the business you are planning to start or buy. Some investors can start with $100,000 CAD investment applying for a federal program or for the business immigration program of the province of British Columbia, for instance, and need to prove having at least $300,000 CAD net worth.

We assist investors choosing the right program based on their net worth, amount available to invest, qualifications, needs and expectations.

We offer complete assistance for the business immigration process including finding the business in the area you wish to live, contacting accounting and legal professionals, preparing the business plan, and arranging business venture loans, if needed.

Contact us to find out If you meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada as a business investor and get our advice on the provinces’ and communities’ economy and development, weather, cost of living, type of business they are looking for, and so forth and make a better decision to meet your and your family’s immigration goals.

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