Business Immigrant

Whether you choose to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant or investor, Cando Immigration Services can assist you to make the most appropriate and successful choice from among the various provincial and federal programs offered for BUSINESS IMMIGRATION AND INVESTMENT.

These programs are designed to promote economic development by encouraging investment, entrepreneurship and the development of new employment with foreign venture capital, business acumen and entrepreneurial skills. These programs can also develop and expand relationships with growing markets and connect with those markets and their special requirements and customs.

Our representatives assist the business immigrant by providing assistance to Canadian businesses for sale or investment, as well as business solutions to promote the development of successful business strategies. 

Canada offers a variety of options for business immigrants to enter Canada both at the Federal and Provincial levels. In return, the qualified applicant is granted Permanent Residency in Canada with all of the benefits of living in this beautiful country. Representatives at Cando Immigration work with the applicant to support the successful acquisition and operation of the selected business.

Besides the Federal programs, there are Provincial Programs tailored to accommodate the provinces’s economic and development needs and the business immigrant or investor’s expectations.

Cando Canadian Immigration Services partners with qualified Canadian Businesses to provide a diverse list of Canadian Businesses available for sale or investment for the foreign investor or businessperson. We pre-screen businesses that we offer to our client to ensure quality and viability.

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