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What Our Customers Say

The whole team at Cando have been honest, helpful and understanding. I am impressed with their ‘old school treatment’ of us and others. Even financially they were understanding and very helpful. I am still using their services for my extended family and continue to recommend them to others.
Thank you again.

~ Desmond Baron

This place is amazing, Jamie Dowla and his team were very helpful in all the proceedings to a permanent residence (PR)despite my not so good and stressful beginnings .

Before i met with Condo immigration services and Jamie, i was with another legal group up in Ontario who were helping with the application process. As you know or may not know, there are different streams you can use to apply for PR and so when with the first legal team, we went first, with graduate entry and all documents were filled out and signed. A month later after the lawyer reviewed the applications and checked if i was eligible, the lawyer got back to me saying I wasn’t eligible for the stream even though i had just graduated from university. I then asked what other stream we can use, and he recommended we go under semi-skilled since i was working already. Great! i asked my Boss if he could help through his company and that was no problem. The lawyer sent him and i new documents which we filled out and had them sent back to the lawyer. A few weeks later, i heard back from lawyer saying the position i held at the time and the wages i was getting weren’t enough to qualify me for the new stream unless i held a higer position and getting wages above a certain figure that he provided would qualify me. So i spoke with my boss and told him all the lawyer had said. My boss being such a nice person did what he could and got me where i needed to be to qualify. Anyway, the long and the short of it is after getting where I qualified for the semi-skilled stream, we still weren’t able to submit my application because the legal team insisted i wasn’t eligible enough for the stream and there was lots of back and forth communication In which we had to fill out lots of forms to the point where i boss out of frustration, finally referred me to Jamie Dowla to whom i spoke with, explaining my situation. After my conversation with Jamie who agreed to be my representative, looked over my case and got the application going under the international Graduate stream. They did all the necessary paper work required unlike the previous lawyers and all i had to do was go in and sign. A few weeks aftr my meeting with Jamie, the application papers were submitted to the government and things started moving forward and now I’m proud to say with Jamie and his team’s efforts and hard work, im a permanent resident 😁

My boss recommending Jamie to me was the best move forward and i would recommend Cando Immigration services to anyone needing assistance with the application processes. Jamie helped me a lot and made the process less stressful for which I’m most grateful. In my opinion; Cando immigration services is the BEST team to have on your side 😁

~ Chipaka Bwali

Jamie helped us with our spousal sponsorship application and we couldn’t have done it without him. He is extremely knowledgeable, quick to react to questions or concerns and he knows how to put his clients at ease while they are going through a potentially long and emotionally stressful process. I can highly recommend Jamie and his team!

~ Annika Nebe

My wife and I are very pleased with the service provided! My wife got her Permeant Residence status is no time! Everyone in the office is very friendly, and extremely helpful, with quick replies to any emails or phone calls. If you need immigration help, I highly recommend Cando!

~ Devon Crull

My family and I would like to personally thank Marshall Dowla and his excellent staff for guiding us through permanent residency application process. It is with great appreciation and our utmost respect for you and your staff that my family and I we give our thanks for all of your hard work and your superb performance of your service to see our immigration process come to a successful conclusion.

I cannot imagine how any other firm could have managed to see our family Permanent Residency – immigration application through all of the twists and turns that often arise in our seldom used and infrequently successful category of immigration law. The complicated process of immigrating was made easy with your help. We recommend you to other people with similar needs. The level of personal input (we were very impressed and extremely happy with the way you and your staff handled our immigration application especially tireless work of Jamie Dowla and Sherri Evers) and response was superb.

You guided us through uncertain aspects with ease and confidence. On top of your firms high standards of professionalism, the patience and general friendliness gave my husband and I total confidence that if we were to be successful, it could only occur with your representation. And more than any of the above.

I also want to thank you for your humanity as the highest compliment – you are true, compassionate Human Beings in this day and age, to us that says everything.

~ Bertha Edward Mkwelele, and the family.

My husband and I were living and working in Canada on work visas and our 1st Permanent Residency (PR) application had expired after 5 years when we found Jamie Dowla and staff at Cando Immigration. They obtained the necessary Labour Market Opinion to Renew our Work Visas whilst processing our new PR application allowing us to stay in Canada.

We found Jamie to be approachable and knowledgeable, clearly explaining the steps involved throughout the whole process. And all staff were supportive and helpful – especially Sherri who answered many questions and emails, thank you.

We strongly recommend Cando Immigration to anyone looking for immigration services, and we shall be returning for our Citizenship.

~ Amy and Paul, from England.

Can do Immigration is a highly recommended, All of them in their office are working together and making sure that all the necessary documents are complete and accurate to make the application process smooth and a 100 percent result will be obtain . Mr Jamie Dowla was very helpful and will work for you with heart and compassion .As a client his service was worth paying for a long term peace of mind.

~ Rosanna Balanza

For your immigration concern, I would recommend CANDO IMMIGRATION. They have been with this business for a while so I would say they are experts. Based on my personal experience ,I had marital issues which makes it difficult for me and my kids to get PR approved, to the point that the CIC already sent me a letter stating that I do not meet the requirements for permanent residency. But cando immigration was able to respond to them which gives a favourable response and got my PR approved.Iam now enjoying my kids here.. Thank you very much to Cando with special mention to Jamie and Sherri…

~ Mischelle Flores

We had a report letter from the government, and we are about to expel from Canada. Jamie and his colleagues helped us to provide enough documents to use H&C part of regulation. It worked and we got our PR card again. Thanks Jamie, Marshall and the other peoples of CANDO.

~ Ali Afshar